Christmas Confessions (...this is for all you last minute shoppers!)

Posted on December 22 2021

Christmas Confessions (...this is for all you last minute shoppers!)

I have to admit, I've never been the best gift-giver around Christmas time. Well, it's not that I don't give good gifts, but I get so stressed out about getting the right gift, that I often wait until the last minute, and end up in a panic, shopping on Christmas Eve. 

Now I can't be the only one doing this, right? There's got to be more of us out there.... maybe there's a support group or something? Gifters Anonymous?

Well, if you're like me and you haven't finished your holiday shopping, we've got you covered! We've got some pretty great gift ideas in our Holiday Gift Guide. We've included some of our most popular cozy winter items, fleece pieces, accessories, and some fun gift boxes (they're literally made to gift). 

Now I know what you're thinking... "But Mariah, everything has to be shipped... it won't get to us in time!" And you're right, it won't. BUT, I've made some really fun greeting cards that you can download (for FREE!) and print at home! There's 5-pack zipped file and they come with easy to follow folding instructions. Then you can put it under the tree so they have something from us on Christmas morning (yes, that's you and me, I'm taking some credit here)! And they will have something to be excited about when the actual gift arrives (but give us a little wiggle room, we all know how USPS is operating these days).

"I didn't procrastinate, I just needed to find the perfect gift. – Merry Christmas!"

See, I've made it so easy. So go ahead, grab a few last minute items, and download our FREE printable KCA Christmas Greeting Cards (👈🏼 just click there), and get gifting!

KCA Procrastinators Christmas Greeting Card Preview

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