KCA X Porter Blue Apparel

Posted on September 15 2021

KCA X Porter Blue Apparel


What's it all about:

Some of the greatest brand stories are forged by bringing two already great things together. Look at what Nike did when they merged a pair of sneakers and a waffle maker; or how Virgil Abloh brought his fresh ideas to Louis Vuitton; and who doesn't love the perfection of Beyonce & Jay-Z. We all love when two greats come together, creating something even better... a perfect pairing.

Well, this is exactly what we envisioned when we decided to collaborate with Porter Blue Apparel, a young fashion startup, bringing you some amazing denim, all designed here in California. Like us, they're a women owned company. Like us, they're working to be a sustainable brand in the apparel industry. And like us, they're obsessed with making great product! And what better pairing for our tees and fleece, than some perfectly worn in denim... well, other than leggings of course. But equally perfect. 

Kirby Cove Active X Porter Blue Apparel

So, be on the lookout for some fun collaborations from Kirby Cove Active X Porter Blue Apparel coming your way! We're starting out with an amazing discount you can get at Porter Blue Apparel. Use code KCA30 at checkout for 30% off purchases, now through the end of September!

We can't wait to share more, because we didn't want to keep this great brand all to ourselves!

Porter Blue Apparel

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  • Tara: December 22, 2021

    Would love to win, thank you so much for the opportunity❤️

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