Our Commitment to Plastic-Free Packaging

Posted on July 21 2021

Our Commitment to Plastic-Free Packaging


What we're doing:

We're so excited to share, that we recently upped our game with our eco-packaging mission and added compostable poly-bags to our plastic-free packaging line-up! We know we need to protect the garments, but we also need to protect the planet. Both for storage as well as shipping, we need to be sure that our garments reach our customers without any unnecessary damage. Because we're trying to keep all packaging plastic-free, until now we've been individually wrapping each garment in tissue paper and using our compostable poly mailers to ship orders to our customers. As you can imagine, the process was a little slow. We've now added compostable-poly garment bags to our packaging products, so that each piece is safely wrapped for storage and shipping. But don't worry, you'll still see our beautiful tissue paper from time to time as well. 


Why it's important to us:

We all know that the fashion industry is a major contributor to what we now know is climate change. And while we don't push a huge "green-washing" message, creating a company that is environmentally friendly, from its core, has always been very important to us. We can't single-handedly solve all pollution problems, but we can make these little steps to improve our carbon footprint, and keep it as low as possible from the beginning. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. It takes all of us doing our part.


Some other ways we're helping:

  • Selecting products, fabrics and finishes made largely from natural fibers or recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Creating specialty products, from small batch and limited quantities, so that we are not sitting on excess inventory and items that never sell, only to be disposed of later. 
  • As a small company, with small inventory, we naturally have a small energy footprint. We are not using large warehousing space, and most operations are at a single location, right in the San Francisco, California.  


How can you compost your bags from us:

"Compost Me" Instructions (from The Better Packaging Co.): 

At Home:

    • Pop it in your own compost (making sure to remove the seal and any labels first).
    • Don’t have one? Think about setting one up. Did you know, approximately half of what households send to landfill is compostable material? 10% is from the garden and whopping 40% is from the kitchen. There are a number of ways to compost depending on your situation, there’s a great guide here
    • Not interested in composting or just don’t have the space? Check out ShareWaste which aims to link up those people without composting with those who do – it’s genius!

    At Work:

      • Does your work collect food scraps for composting? If so, just pop your used pack in with your sandwich crusts.
      • No? Why not encourage your company to do just that. Many companies have on-site compost these days, and with more and more compostable goods, there's no reason not to!


      What other ways are you working to protect the environment? We'd love to hear from you.


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